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Birchwood Grove employs an activities co-ordinator who runs group activities such as keep fit, ball games, reminiscence mornings and tenpin bowling. During these sessions the residents are encouraged to spend time together and to keep themselves active. Twice a week the activities co-ordinator also spends one-to-one-time with every resident. During the one-to-one-sessions the clients can individually express which activities they would like to do. Activities timetable is changed each week and displayed around the home. A residents committee meets every month to forward plan activities and what they would like to see taking place and general feedback on the home in general. A residents meeting is also held monthly for all residents are encouraged to attend.


The offered activities cover a broad range of tastes and preferences. All activities are adopted to the mental and physical capacity of the clients.


Once a month Birchwood Grove hosts a live music event. These events are meant to be shared between the clients and their families and friends.


The purpose of all activities is to stimulate the residents mentally and physically and to improve their quality of life.